The Results of this Natural Mask Will Leave You Speechless. It Looks Like Magic

The skin face is of great importance for many people. Even in ancient times, people would invent cremes and methods to improve their skin and make it soft and glowy. In this article we will present you a very simple face mask that only requries one ingredient – an egg.

This mask will eliminate any skin imperfection.

All you need is an egg, two containers and roll paper.

Start by cutting the paper into strips, as many as you need to cover the face later. Then separate the white of the yolk in each bowl and beat with a fork.

First apply the egg white on your face and cover with the paper. Leave it to act for half an hour and when it is almost dry, remove the aper and rinse your face with warm water. This will nourish and decrease the pores in size.

After that, rub the egg yolk all over your face, let it act ten minutes and wash with plenty of water.

NOTE: You can also add a few drops of lemon and a half teaspoon of honey to the egg white.

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