The Little Red Berry That Mexicans Have Been Using To Fight Cancer and Inflammation for Years

While some people grew up eating aratilis, others have no idea what that is.

For those who hear the name aratilis for the first time, let us introduce to you this amazing berry.

It is no wonder that most of the world isn’t familiar with it, as it is only found in Mexico, the Caribean, Asia, and the Phillippines. Aratilis is the Filipino name, but it is also called Muntingia calabura, Jamaica cherry, strawberry tree, capulin, Panama berry, Singapore tree, and saresa, depending where it is planted.

This berry is low maintenance and only requires just enough sun and water. The tree and berries grow very quickly, taking only two years to become a 3-meter high tree. Aratilis are usually eaten raw, similar to other familiar fruits, but some people make jams, tea from its leaves, while fishermen from Brazil have found a way to utilize it for their trade by planting the trees along river banks. This supposedly attracts the fish.

The Health Benefits of Aratilis

  1. Anti-Bacterial

Even though our body is programmed to fight off harmful bacteria, sometimes it needs a little help from outside sources, like food. Aratilis is great when it comes to fighting a cold, flu, when your body tries to recover from a virus, or your immune system is weakened for any reason. Its antibacterial properties are astounding, like antibiotics in a berry.

  1. Improves Cognition

Being rich in flavanone compounds, it’s been found by researchers that eating this berry, or any other food rich in this compounds, helps the development and proper function of the brain. Consuming this berry regularly with similarly beneficial foods can help those who are experiencing a mild cognitive impairment, or those with a neurodegenerative disease.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory

Eating aratilis fruits can counter this unhealthy ailment and reduce swelling.

  1. Fights Cancer

Thanks to the cytotoxic flavonoids it contains, aratilis is able to fight cancer. Every part of the plant contains these flavonoids. The stems and leaves of the tree are quite powerful when it comes to preventing certain cancers.

The powers of aratilis are still new to modern science, but researchers work hard to discover every benefit that this berry offers. Until then, purchase them and enjoy.


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