The Leaves Of Soursop Are 1000 Times Stronger At Killing Cancer Cells Than Chemotherapy

Besides being very delicious fruit with a peculiar taste, soursop or commonly known as Graviola, owns incredible health properties.

Its root, bark and leaves have been used as remedies for centuries, because of many reasons.

First of all, regular consumption of tea made from soursop’s leaves strengthens the immune system, which means it will protect you from flu, colds, cough, infections and other diseases.

The tea also has the abilities to alleviate gout – a condition that manifests through painful and unfamed joints. It will actually treat the main reason for the occurrence of gout, and it will flush out uric acid from the blood. It also treats and prevents urinary tract infections.

Soursop leaves are a great replacement for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory meds (NSAIDs) that are used for treating rheumatism. Just boil the soursop leaves, mash them and prepare a poultice that should be applied on the painful muscles and joints twice a day.

The leaves are also great in treating eczema. They do not cause any side-effects like the other topical steroids. The preparation and utilization of the poultice are the same as mentioned before.

Even though there are some statements that this plant is an effective cancer treatment, it is still not scientifically proven. Experts claim that the leaves are 1.000 times more effective than chemo. They also don’t cause any side-effects and health complications and are believed to be especially effective in cases of breasts, lung, and prostate cancer.

Chop the soursop leaves, mix them in three cups of water and boil them. When 2/3 of the water evaporates, remove from heat and leave it to cool down.


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