The Harsh Truth About Handsome And Attractive Men

This thought of most people at least once undergone their head, especially because of all the sides are “bombarded” with information that we should all look like supermodels.

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Interested in this phenomenon, psychologists from London University Violent conducted research whose results showed that it still has the truth, and that often beautiful and attractive men are more selfish and less willing to partner it to decide pay attention and time from their less attractive co-workers.

Interestingly, not psychologists found that such behavior is observed in attractive women.

Beautiful people just do not have to give a lot of yourself to achieve what they want – they are already sufficiently appreciated just because they look good.

The objective of the survey was used 3D body scanner, where they were “measured” bodies of 125 male and female participants, based on the proportions were placed in certain groups of “attractive” people.




The participants filled in a questionnaire which posted questions about their attitude, towards, selfishness and inequality and were asked to participate in an experiment in which they were offered money, of which it was required to decide how to share with someone else.

After the assessments of all collected data, psychologists have come to the following conclusions:

  • Attractive men gave poorer performance on tests of generosity and gifts of attention.
  • It was noticed between beautiful women and such behavior.
  • Attractive men were estimated by respondents as more selfish.
  • Attractive men and women are less willing to help someone.

Although Dr. Price believes that this topic should still be investigated in more details, the results of the survey showed that beautiful men are prone to selfish behavior.

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