The Fight For Life: The Plant That Saved Me From The Deadly Cancer

In 2002 a man was diagnosed with a disease that just by hearing its name makes your hair stand – he was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor that was 5.5cm big. He underwent surgery in Sofia, Bulgaria, which went excellent.

But, it wasn’t over. After two years the tumor came back with the same size and it turned out that it was actually of a recurrent type or better said it was a metastatic cancer. He was suggested to have another surgery, this time a laser one so he accepted. Again, the tumor was successfully removed, but there were consequences; his left arm and leg ended paralyzed.

“My life was in the hands of oncology, I had radiotherapy, but that did not help neighed – my tumor returned again and I was scheduled for another surgery. After I recovered, I went to a rehab, and I was lucky enough to meet a man that changed my life.” The man had had kidney cancer and was told that he was left only 3-4 months to live, but he met a woman that advised him to consume black elderberry.

This bushy plant grows at the end of August and the beginning of September and only ripe fruits have potent healing properties. The preparation is simple: after you pick the fruits that look very much alike blueberries, you wash them and then dry them out. Then you start layering the elderberries with sugar all the way to the top. Then, place the jars under the sun to ferment the content and after two weeks close them with a lid and put them in your fridge.

You only need two doses of this remedy to last you until the next year. Take one teaspoon 10 minutes before breakfast.

“The man who introduced me to this remedy convinced me in its efficiency. He started taking if after he heard the terrifying diagnose. It is now 5 months and he is still alive! He did a routine check and the results showed no signs of cancer! At that time I decided to try the remedy, of course, but I waited for 2 months until the elderberries were ripe enough. It has been 4 years now and there is no relapse.”

The man told his story to many people, and even his doctor admitted that once he had a patient who cured breast cancer the same way.

You can consume them while you take prescription meds, they won’t cause any side effects. Although the recipe has unpleasant taste that may give you an urge to vomit, after some time you will get used to it. Also, make sure you have a toilet nearby because after half an hour of the consumption you will have a need.

Black elderberries can be consumed by healthy people too as a prevention and boosting the immune system.


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