The Diet 4:3. No, We’re Not Joking. This Is A New 5:2 Diet!

All have heard about a diet 5:2 which quickly became very popular. Now we present you the diet 4:3 which is very similar to do it.

After diet 5:2 achieved world fame, appeared on the scene a new diet, very similar to it, which tends to take place on the throne.

Rules diet

Otherwise the diet 5:2, which provides 2 days to abstain from food or to eat light meals (women up to 500 calories, up to 600 men), while the remaining 5 days you can eat normal, the diet 4:3 is based on another principle – a day eat whatever you want, and the next day you fast, or you’re on a diet. The essence of the diet is just that, alternately repeating a day eating and fasting one day.

How should you hold your diet?

Dr. Vardi Christa and Bill Gottlieb who together wrote the book “Diet for every other day,” explaining that the diet is very simple.

According to their advice in the days of fasting you should:

  1. Eat 400 calories and 100 calories of meat snacks
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Drink tea or coffee without sugar
  4. Chewing gum (without sugar)
  5. If you do not want to cook, eat more raw vegetables or set for dishes that are prepared quickly and easily

In normal days:

The authors advise in normal days to eat foods rich in protein and fat, and avoid honey.

Benefits of diet

Studies have shown that this is a fairly healthy diet that produces good results, to regulate metabolism and lose excess weight. Of course, all this will happen faster if additional practice and physically activities. One US study found that with this diet you can lose 5-6 kg, losing fat but not the muscle mass. This diet is also proved as good diet for people who have high blood pressure.

Positive results after the diet

  1. Positively health effects.
  2. When you fast you learn to recognize when you are really hungry so that in normal days you eat only when you’re really hungry and you avoid overeating and snacking between meals.
  3. The very thought that tomorrow you can eat whatever you want will give you motivation to comply with the limited 500 calories on days of fasting.
  4. Foods high in protein balances blood sugar levels.
  5. Foods rich in fatty acids such as olive oil, peanuts, almonds, fish oil and so on. also regulates blood sugar levels.

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