The “Dark Side” Of Green Tea

Apart from all health benefits, green tea has its own “dark side.” Namely, it can reduce the effectiveness of certain medications, so be cautious.

For many people green tea is a healthy alternative to morning coffee and more and more people enjoy this drink in our region. People who regularly consume it know that green tea slows the progress of prostate cancer, protects against flu, relieves stress and fatigue, lowers cholesterol levels, protects against heart diseases, quickens the slimming and fat melting, but now researchers alert that its consumption could have a negative side. Namely, drinking green tea undermines the effect of medication for hypertension (HBP).

Green tea contains tannins, which may limit the absorption of iron from fruits and vegetables. Therefore, in order to prevent this, drink this tea combined with lemon (vitamin C).

Green tea should not be combined with different meds because it contains caffeine. In order to find out whether it interferes with the therapy you take, please read the written instructions regarding your medication or consult your doctor, especially in cases when you have a long history of diseases.

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