The Chinese Anti-Cancer Diet: How This Woman Cured Her Breast Cancer In 6 Weeks Flat

Jane Plant got her first breast cancer diagnose when she was 42 and since then the cancer has been coming back five times. After her last diagnose she was given only 2 months to live.

Having a family with three young children she refused to accept that prognosis so she and her husband started looking for alternative solutions.

While searching they stumbled upon information about the cancer rate in China and it showed that it is significantly lower than in the US. They concluded that Jane should change her diet regime, so she lowered the intake of animal protein, threw away the diary products, and started consuming lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and pulses.

Six weeks later the tumor was gone, but the oncologist said it will come back like the previous times.

Despite his prognosis, Jane continued with the Chinese diet and today, after 17 years, she’s cancer free.