The Cannabis Oil Treatment This Woman Used To Get Rid Of Brain Cancer In Under A Year

The severe headaches that Kelly Hauf was suffering from, showed to be what every person would fear. The CAT scan revealed that Kelly suffered from a 3cm tumor located in the left frontal lobe of her brain. Being a wife and a mother of two teenage girls, Kelly was devastated.

Kelly got the diagnosis in 2000 and underwent surgery in 2003. But, the surgery was a temporary success because two months later the MRI showed that the tumor was back.

After getting the crushing news for the second time, she was suggested to undergo chemotherapy for 4-6 months, and a surgery if the chemo fails. Kelly and her husband began researching about the success rate of chemotherapy and learned that even though people appeared to get better after chemo, there would be left over tumor cells that could mutate and become aggressive over time.

This was the reason why the family sought for an alternative. They discovered Charlotte’s Web cannabis oil, an alternative method to chemotherapy that could be used as a cancer treatment.

Kelly decided to go with the 90-day cannabis treatment protocol, so together with her family established residency in San Francisco, in order to get a medical marijuana card for her cancer treatment.

“[…] the cannabis oil helped me with my fibromyalgia pain, joint pain, and chronic headaches. I literally have no pain now” said Kelly.

Along with the cannabis treatment, she began juicing all organic non-GMO veggies every day. The new diet consisted of organic gluten free meals and a machine that created pure alkaline drinking water, plus she made sure she gets a good dose of fresh air on her daily walks.

““I had an arsenal of cancer fighting supplements, foods, and daily practices to work on my physical, spiritual, and emotional health.”

After those 90 days passed, she went for a check-up, and the MRI showed that there was no change in the main tumor’s regrowth, BUT there was something that was different now: a smaller tumor that was found 10 years ago that was inoperable in her cingular gyrus was completely gone. This gave her even more strength and will to continue with the cannabis protocol.

After 8 months of the continued protocol, the MRI showed that the remaining tumor had turned into scar tissue. She still needs to go for regular MRI check-ups to monitor any potential tumors, but the important thing is that Kelly is now in better health and has a greater immune system thanks to the cannabis.

“I’m excited for the future of Medical Marijuana and I feel a strong responsibility to spread this information. I hear so many misconceptions about this amazing medicinal plant that I feel a need to tell my story to anyone who is interested and my prayer is that it will be received with an open mind and a compassionate heart” said Kelly.


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