The Best Way to Keep Mice Out of Campers

No one wants to see how a mouse is waking around the rooms or the camper, and because of that we give you several easy, inexpensive and effective ways to catch them.
It is never too late to start the process, but you need to find the right way to solve the problem with pests in the camper, house or the garage.

Cindy Mannes, a spokesperson for the National Pest Management Association, shows certain information how to free from these critters:

‘’There is never only one mouse. If there is one, there are more. As humans, during the winter, they are also searching for food, water and shelter. They live as well as people.

And if one is inside, the others will find the way easy. Meanwhile, they move very quickly.’’

First thing you need to do is to see if there is any traces of mice, even in your house, garage or camper. The best way is to do it on twilight, because it’s quiet and dark. No matter if you found them or not, you need to clean everything and not leave food around the house.

Do-It-Yourself-Pest Control explains:

‘’Mice can be in through floors or walls. But a mouse can be in, in a very tiny hole. Every hole that is larger than ¼ should be closed to release of them.’’
They detest aluminum foil, so be careful and be sure that you close all entries and leave no food around.

There are some ways of making mousetrap that you can do it in a few minutes:

  • Put a cotton ball in a peppermint oil and put them everywhere in the house, garage or camper;
  • In order to prevent rodents from entering in the house, tuck or tape dryer sheets into and around each gap and each crack. You need to change them every two weeks.
  • Put a few soap bars everywhere. The strong smell will keep them away;
  • Using these steps will release you of these small pests and give you enjoyable stay at home!

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