The Best Natural Ways For Removing Makeup

Instead of giving a lot of money on products that are full of chemicals, harmful to your skin, check out these simple recipes that you can make from things that you probably have already in your home. Not only you will save some money, but you will remove your makeup safely and naturally.

Jojoba Oil



This oil is a kind of liquid wax made from the seeds of this plant. Therefore those who have oily skin can trust the jojoba that it will clean the makeup of their face without closing their pores. Add to the oil a little vitamin E which is an antioxidant. Apply a teaspoon of jojoba oil on your face and with the fingers gently massage in circular movements. Pay more attention around the eyes. After you finish remove the oil with swab or soft cloth and wash your face with water.

Olive oil


Prepare makeup remover with a combination of olive oil and tea tree oil. Add a few drops of almond oil mixture. They will also fed your skin and heal the dark circles under your eyes. Pour a small amount of the combination on your hands and then apply it on your face with a gentle massage. After you finish remove it from your face with a swab. Repeat it if it is necessary.

Coconut oil


Coconut oil is used in the same way as olive oil. Simply apply it on your face and massage until the makeup is not released, then remove it with cotton. The make-up will be easily removable, and therefore you will have a fresh look.

Milk and almond oil


Milk can restore the shine of your face after a long wearing makeup that abounds with chemicals. It also hydrates the skin. Add a few drops of almond oil. Massage your face with this mixture, then remove it with swab.



Cucumber can naturally wet your skin, while reducing inflammation and irritated areas. Squash the cucumber mixed with little water and apply the mask on your face. Leave it shortly to take an effect then wash it. If you notice that the makeup is not removable easily, add a little milk.

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