The Best 3 Types Of Nuts In The World For Killing Cancer Cells And STOPPING Their Proliferation

According to a study from the Harvard Nurse, people who consumed nuts in their adolescence may have a better chance of fighting off breast cancer later in life. Another study that included the daughters of the nurses corroborated the findings. Those who ate more peanut butter, nuts, beans, lentils, soybeans, or corn were found to have just a fraction of the risk for fibrocystic breast disease, which places one at higher risk of cancer. The protective effects were strongest for those most at risk, such as those with a family history of breast cancer.

The British Journal of Cancer issued a study according to which even two handfuls of nuts a week may protect against pancreatic cancer, one of our most fatal malignancies.

Nut components can induce cancer cell death and inhibit cancer growth and spread in vitro. But, which type of nuts does its job the best?

If we consider the antioxidant content, walnuts and pecans are in the lead. Namely, twenty-five walnuts have the antioxidant equivalent of eight grams of vitamin C (the vitamin C found in a hundred oranges).

In the following video you will see a graph of human cancer cell proliferation versus increasing concentrations of the ten most common nuts eaten in the United States. If you drip water on these cancer cells as a control, nothing happens. Hazelnuts, pistachios and Brazil nuts don’t have any effect, pine nuts, cashews and macadamias start pulling away from the pack. Almonds appear twice as protective, halving cancer cell growth at only half the dose as pine nuts, cashews, and macadamias. T he winners are pine walnuts, pecans, and peanuts causing dramatic drop in cancer proliferation at just tiny doses.

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