The Beauty Is In The Simplicity: Sandals For This Spring (PHOTO)

Sandals with high heels, strap around the ankle and a strap around the fingers seem timeless. At the same time irresistible, sexy and minimalist.


These simple sandals were an absolute fashion hit in 2013, but it seems from that summer they will never go out of style.

It was fashionable in the ’90s, wearing a sexy leather skirts and simple, tight shirts.

This summer, comes in many colors and patterns, so you can easily make a combination and with every possible piece of clothing. So without much effort you will get trendy, unobtrusive style.

You can wear them with skinny jeans or jeans with a male shape, tight skirts with floral pattern or overalls. At each appearance will add drama and glamor.

Phenomenal for elegant workshops, leisurely summer lunches and coffees and even celebrations of all types.

See the gallery:

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