The 6 Most Common Toxins Americans Coat Their Bodies With, & Then Wonder Why They’re Suffering From Inflammation, Rashes, Skin Allergies & Cancer

There are many people who pay close attention to what they consume and check for toxic ingredients that could harm their health. Yet, they are unaware that they still have many products in their homes that contain those toxic ingredients.

The skin is the largest organ we have, and is the most exposed under threats unlike the other organs. Anything that is meant to be consumed orally, contains minuscule amounts of toxins, otherwise you’d get sick right away and know what’s happening. But, when it comes to personal hygiene products, they are completely unregulated since neither the FDA, the CDC, the EPA, the USDA, nor any other agency inspects or has limits for personal care products. Moreover, anything you put on your skin is being absorbed right away and transported directly into the blood stream and we all know how many layers of body lotion, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants etc. we put on our bodies.

All these layers of personal care products smother the skin while it tries to detoxify. The skin needs to sweat regularly in order to cleanse the whole body from harmful substances.

If the product isn’t edible, then why put it on your skin? If it does harm when you swallow it, how can you expect it to be safe if it is absorbed directly into the blood stream?

Since this article is with a warning message, here are the six most common ingredients we put on our bodies that later cause inflammation, rashes, skin allergies and cancer:

Petroleum – an industrial chemical (a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons) mostly present in Vaseline, baby oils, baby lotions, suntan lotions and sunblock lotions. Prevents perspiration, and leads to inflammation, chronic itching and cancer.

Talc –found in baby powders, body powders, and foot powders

Lead – a neurotoxin found in lipsticks

Parabens – mostly found in cosmetics, mimic hormones and are endocrine disruptors that cause allergic reactions.

Phthalates – present in moisturizers, perfumes, nail polishes, soaps and hairsprays have the ability to increase the risk of diabetes in women and lower sperm production in men.

Aluminum – a common ingredient in deodorants and antiperspirants, is known to cause cancer tumors in the breasts in the quadrant closest to the armpit (not a coincidence).

The FDA has approved over 70.000 chemicals, from which many can do a serious damage to our bodies. These toxins feed chronic inflammation, weaken the immune system, and significantly increase the risk of cancer.

Humans aren’t the only one who suffer, but the animals as well. People often treat their pets from fleas with dangerous chemicals that can seriously damage the pet’s life. People poison their food by spraying RoundUp, the most toxic and dangerous herbicide on the planet. We’d much rather smother our skin in store bought bug repellents rather than bother to make one ourselves.

You don’t need to do much to protect yourself from these toxins. Just exclude the chemicals from your bathroom cabinet and go for their organic alternatives. It is easy to do it in the internet era when the needed information is a click away.


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