The 5 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight…

The exercising and the appropriate healthy diet are your greatest allies against the excess of weight, but sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you simply do not notice a change in your weight. Why does that happen? See the 5 biggest reasons why you do not lose weight…


  1. Stress

Many people believe that the daily stress can stimulate the body to spend extra calories, but the truth is that it increases the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that signals the body to store the fats, especially in the areas around the stomach. Also the stress hormones increase the substances that participate in the regulation of the reserves of carbohydrates and thus increase the desire for food.

Tip: The physical activity combined with a nutritious meal visibly reduces the stress.

  1. You are exercising, but do not lose your weight

The biggest mistake of those who exercise is that they reach for a bottle of water after finishing a hard workout. Thus, during the exercising the body retains the water. Therefore if your body is not getting enough fluids during the exercising, it naturally ensures not to dehydrate and begins to store large amounts of water, which after the exercising remains in your body.

Tip: Always during a workout keep a bottle of water next to you.

  1. Seating for more than 2 hours

When we sit, our body slowly loses the ability to burn the excess of fats. If you sit a few hours without even stand up, you will cause a delayed action of the enzymes that are responsible for burning the fats successfully. The researches tell us that the long sitting may expose you to the risk of excess fats around the stomach, high blood pressure, elevated blood fats and abnormal amount of sugar.

Tip: Set a reminder on your cell or computer that will remind you every hour to stretch.

  1. You are saving the proteins

If the body does not get the proper amount of proteins, which for women is 40 to 80 grams per day, comes to an increased feeling of hunger, loss of muscle mass and a need for fast food. Therefore you should not dodge the proteins because they supply the body with enough energy to work properly and make you feel full for longer time.

Tip: A meat, eggs, yogurt, cheese or nuts are some of the best sources of proteins that can supply you with enough energy and will encourage you to spend extra fats.

  1. You do not drink enough water

If you do not drink enough water, your body will start getting the wrong information, and therefore it will replace the signals of thirst with signs of starvation. The most common consequence is consuming unnecessary calories and that is why people gain weight.

Tip: Increase your intake of water in your body and you will soon start to lose your false signals of hunger.

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