TAKE CARE: This Is A Very Dangerous Infections Place: It Is Virtually In Every Home And Spread Deadly Disease

Summer tropical temperatures and the ideal period for the occurrence of infections caused by legionnaires, or it is a lung infection.

The bacteria are usually developed in chilled rooms and in New York are infected hundreds of people, of which 12 died.

Infection is associated with the “Air Condition” system, and is developed when it is not clean. Experts advise before using air conditioners, clean them very carefully.

Here’s a tip how to properly clean the air conditioner without call servicers.

In the shops you can get the special funds, mainly in the form of spray, with which air conditioner can be clean of bacteria and fungi, and also disinfects. These funds are supposed to use them carefully and act according to the instructions, because it is the only way to be effective.

External and internal plastic parts carefully wash with lukewarm water in which you dissolve a cleaner. You can also use dish washing detergent.

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