Study: Turmeric Can Get Cancer Cells to Kill Themselves

Turmeric has proven to offer amazing healing powers many times, but it seems like this spice is an endless well of health benefits.

According to a recent study, the compound found in turmeric called curcumin is able to induce apoptosis, or in other words, programmed cells death in triple negative breast cancer cells. This cancer also known as TNBC got the name because its cells do not have the usual receptors for estrogen, Her2/neu, and progesterone, making the cells extremely difficult to treat because those receptors are the ones conventional treatments target.

This is the reason why TNBC is considered as the most aggressive and most dangerous form of breast cancer. Since targeted treatment doesn’t show any results, TNBC is treated with more general forms of chemotherapy that actually harm the healthy cells.

A shocking 20% of breast cancer cases are triple negative.

Luckily, Zheijian Provincial People’s Hospital in China conducted a study where it was shown that curcumin can even effectively suppress and destroy triple negative breast cancer cells.

But, this isn’t the only study to confirm this. Still, it was conducted in vitro so it is a bit early to get the real hype over it, but that doesn’t mean that the results aren’t promising. Everything points to the right direction and we can only hope to see randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled human clinical trial in the near future.

As for now, you won’t lose anything if you add turmeric in your diet.

The only bad news here is that even if curcumin proves to be an effective substitute for conventional treatment, it may be many years until we see official support from cancer foundations.

What’s sad is that even if there would be an established cancer cure in the future, many will lose the fight along the road. But, as any other disease cancer can be prevented, so let’s focus on that for now until we have a sure cancer cure.

Just like curcumin, there are other runner-ups who may show promising results, but are still in pre-clinical stages of testing. Among them are blueberries and bee propolis.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As beneficial as it is, there are some things you need to be cautious about when consuming turmeric. Turmeric is believed to thin the blood, so consult with your doctor before taking any further actions.

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