Study Reveals Mixing Ginger and Chili Creates a Powerful Anti-Cancer Combination

Not only are they excellent spices, but ginger and chili can also prevent cancer. According to a recent study, these spices have the ability to significantly reduce mice’s chances of developing lung cancer due to their ability to bind to a receptor that is also responsible for tumor growth.

As reported by The Daily Mail, a study published in the online Journal of Agricultural And Food Chemistry, showed that capsaicin, a compound in chili peppers, and 6-gingerol, a component in ginger, could work together to lower the risk of cancer, possibly because 6-gingergol binds to capsaicin to form a super-strong compound that inhibits key tumor-growing receptors.

The mice that were prone to lung cancer were fed either capsaicin or 6- gingerol alone, or in combination with one another over the course of several weeks. During the study period, all of the mice that received only capsaicin developed lung tumors, while only half of the mice fed 6-gingerol did. But, only 20 percent of the mice that received a combination of both developed cancer.

  1. Ginger

When it comes to an individual usage, ginger and chili have amazing healing powers. Thanks to the chromium, magnesium, and zinc that ginger contains, it allows the blood to flow properly. As recommended by The American Pregnancy Association, you should consume ginger in different forms, such as tea or jam, to help curb morning nausea brought on by pregnancy, while the Columbia University researchers suggest that ginger, paired with bronchodilating medications, maybe help to relax the smooth muscle surrounding airways.

  1. Chili

While capsaicin gives the chili its hot flavor, It can also inhibit inhibits a brain pain transmitter which can help to reduce headaches and prevent inflammation. Moreover, Chili pepper contains 108 percent of the vitamin C daily requirements per tablespoon, which can help to improve the immune system.


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