Study: Purple Potatoes Help Prevent Colon Cancer

The second most deadly cancer in the U.S. is the colon or colorectal cancer, claims mainstream oncology. Most of the people who survived the disease, have managed to do so thanks to “alternative” treatments.

A known example is Chris Wark, who encourages people who defeated cancer without undergoing conventional treatments to share their success stories on his website “Chris Beat Cancer”.

Knowing how to prevent cancer is very important. The first step is to avoid the Standard American Diet (SAD), get enough physical activity (exercise) and learn how to manage stress. There are also certain foods that help in preventing colon cancer. Such food is the purple potato.

The reason why these potatoes are effective is because they are rich in anthocyanins which go after colon cancer stem cells, and stem cells are in fact the mother of the cancer.

Conventional treatments aren’t powerful enough to destroy the cancer stem cells, and by leaving them unaffected, they may create cancer cells again in the future, which is the reason why cancer comes back after the treatments.

Recently, Penn State study used baked, instead of raw purple potatoes to confirm the theory that anthocyanins can destroy cancer stem cells. They conducted the experiment both in vitro and in vivo, and showed positive results reversing the tumor growth.

Purple potatoes are easy to find, mostly in health food stores. To prepare them, first cut and boil them, then mash them and mix with real sea salt and organic butter, or after you boil them make a potato salad.

Other foods that contain anthocyanins are plums and dark red of tart cherries, but they are to be eaten raw.

Even though purple potatoes also contain high amount of resistant starch which is hard to digest, once they are cooked it will disappear. Keep in mind that soon after they cool down, it will return. After refrigerated and eating at room temperature, potatoes, both white and purple, also pasta and peas has this resistant starch. Resistant starch contains chlorogenic acid, a powerful antioxidant that can fight tumor, so to get the most of it without eating the potatoes raw, cook them, then refrigerate them, and then eat them on a room temperature.

Other foods that contain the resistant starch, as explained by Janine Higgins, a researched from the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine, are beans, peas, and other legumes, green bananas.


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