Study: Dogs Can Detect Cancer With 99-100% Accuracy. Here’s How They Do It

Not only are they considered being man’s best friend, dogs can actually detect cancer in humans!

According to a latest study that is published in the Journal of Urology, dogs are able to detect prostate cancer in human urine with an amazing accuracy.

The Italian team of researchers led by Gianluigi Taverna trained two dogs how to detect prostate cancer. This is a great step forward in the field of prostate cancer detection and another great reason to give unconditional love to our beloved dogs.

The study was conducted on 362 patients who suffered from prostate cancer, and 540 healthy controls, ranging from low risk to metastatic. The researchers trained two three-year-old German Shepherd Explosion Detection Dogs to detect violate organic compounds (VOCs) in men’s urine who suffered from prostate cancer.

The first dog showed an amazing 100% accuracy in sensitivity rating, meaning that it successfully detected every urine sample, while chances of giving false positives was less than 3%. The second dog achieved 98.6%sensitivity rating with 3.6% chance of giving false positive.

The current methods of screening for prostate cancer include a PSA test and a biopsy, but compared to the results that these dogs gave, it’s been shown that these current methods are quite inaccurate. Only ~25% of men who go in for a prostate biopsy due to high PSA-levels are actually diagnosed with prostate cancer. It’s really morbid to think that 75% of the healthy men go under an unnecessary risky surgery.

We’re not saying that your own dog can do such detection since the German Shepherds that Dr. Taverna trained were highly specialized and rigorously trained to detect VOCs.

Dr. Taverna states that the dogs still aren’t tested in predicting prostate cancer, and it will take several years for that kind of research to reach its verdict.

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