Starvation Without Diet – You Have To Try This

Many feel that the weakening is not possible without starvation, but nutritionists worldwide agree that, that is a recipe for the destruction of health and terrible yo-yo effect. Therefore you need to think smart and find the ideal diet replacement for caloric food fattening.

Here are some suggestions for such a change.

Instead of potatoes, brown rice

Potatoes, especially if it is fried, is loaded with calories, but not very useful ingredients for your health. Instead, eating add an arm integral, brown rice, which is full of healthy carbohydrates and will keep you fuller longer.

Popcorn instead of chips

Why? First, popcorn not fried in deep oil, unlike chips, making them a healthier option, but much less caloric. Second – can eat larger quantities of popcorn and enter fewer calories, is not that amazing? To weakened, not necessarily eliminating snacks only important unwise to dial.

Lemon juice instead of vinegar

Lemon juice is much healthier and easier to stomach submit, and thus is full of vitamin C. That is why experts worldwide more often recommended as a substitute for vinegar.

Water with fruit instead of fruit juice

If the water gets boring and sometimes you want to refresh with a fruit drink, however you should avoid juices that are packed with sugar and preservatives. Instead, just a cup of water add a few pieces of fruit (chopped apple, berries, citrus) and leave it up to stand and you will have a real healthy refreshment.


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