Solid Nail Without Breaking and Peeling

Solid Nail Without Breaking and Peeling - 1

As it is necessary for the skin and nails also need care and hydration.

The loss of moisture reduces elasticity of the nails, causing cracking and peeling. If you want to have beautiful and groomed hands and nails stick to these five simple rules.

  • Nutrition

Dietary enter enough vitamins and minerals, particularly sulfur (onions, garlic, beans), biotin (mushrooms, carrots, bananas) and calcium (beans, cheese, dried figs). There are dietary supplements that contain vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body, and thus also of your nails.

  • Bad habits

Nail biting is a bad habit, as for your health and for your nails. If you want to have beautiful nails, control your behavior.

  • Protection

During the performance of domestic duties, protect your hands, do not forget to put rubber gloves, do not allow chemicals damage the skin of the nail.

Solid Nail Without Breaking and Peeling - 2

  • Care

Do not forget to care for cuticles around the nails. In a bowl put the almond or olive oil and spread nails few minutes, then massage your fingertips.

  • Products

Disposing nail varnishes usually contain ingredients such as formaldehyde and acetone which dries nails. Is better to choose remover arc base on oil without acetone.

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