Smoked Meat Causes Stomach Cancer

Even though they can be tasty and are one of the favorite foods to some people, smoked meat products are filled with nitrates and are extremely salty and smoked.

Meat products like sausages, bacon, smoked ham, etc., can increase the risk of stomach cancer.

According to a group of scientists from the cancer research institute of Sweden, frequent consumption of smoked bacon, sausages, prosciutto, ham and other meat products damage the overall human health and put humans at high risk of cancer development.

This information is based on a 4 year research conducted on 4.704 participants. The results of the research showed that frequent consumption of the abovementioned meat products increase the risk of stomach cancer from 15 up to 38%.

The reason why these products are so harmful is because they are abundant in nitrates combined with a lot of salt and smoke. This combination is the main culprit for the increased risk of stomach cancer occurrence. According to Scandinavian scientists, stomach cancer is the fourth most frequent disease.


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