Small Details Which Are Very Powerful

Details increase the level of the effect of each appearance. In most cases, pieces of clothing usually come in a secondary position, but only when they are decorated by specific details. Apart from the accessories, the texture, materials and colors are considered as details . We introduce you styles whose specificity is the impact of the small details.


Not coincidentally, we firstly introduce you the coat. With the arrival of the cold season, shops are filled up with the instant offer of universally popular fur vests. They can be found in different varieties of natural and Eco-fur as well as variations of colors. If you still have not buy your fur vest and you want the model that stands out from the crowd, we suggest you the one with long fur.  The offer of the commercial labels includes most models with short fiber, therefore try to find the opposite. The effect which is created is quite different. It comes to the limelight and looks unique.

The flashy textures are commonly taken  by the braver ones which do not fear to combine these shiny pieces for daily styling. Do not wait for Eve celebrations or holidays to put any of the metallic pieces in your wardrobe. Show your fashion courage and confidence, combining them into an urban-chic styling.


Until recently, to combine silver with gold was a fashion mistake, but this fashion stereotype is no longer significant. The combination of contrasting metallic hues will be deserved for the impact of your appearance. Do not hesitate to complete everything in a pair because their striking contains the power to attract the looks, but also compliments of the others.


The needle which serves as temporarily reinforcement of clothing in exchange of a button, is the ideal accessory which looks like created for the brave rebels. If you prefer the rock style, then find a better usage of the safe pins stuck in your drawers. They are so ordinary, and can function as a major detail. Apply them on your favorite leather jacket, jeans, bags .. Just use your own creativity and use them on the most appropriate piece.


World designers and brands from the last presentations on the fashion shows around the world set strict rules. The same states that starting from the current season until next summer you should make sure that catkins as details will have the leading role of the offer. They will make your styling fun, playful and full of youthful charm. Whether catkins will be on accessories or clothing, their function will certainly play a major role.

Perhaps most of the suggestions as separate pieces you already own, so try to make everyday life more charming in that way that you will allow the details to lead you.


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