Shocking, Doctors Confirmed: She Cured Cancer in the 4th Stage With ONE Particular FOOD!

When Candice Mary Fox received the terrible news that she is suffering from thyroid cancer, which has spread to other organs, she was in absolute shock. The doctors had given her only 5 years of life.

But, Candice decided to go against all odds and today she Is a healthy 31 year old. She refused undergoing chemo, which was scheduled for 6 months, and instead she started consuming three pineapples each day, because she heard it helps in the treatment of cancer. She also started consuming more grapefruit, lemon, papaya, apples, kiwi and bananas.

In addition to her treatment, she avoided proteins of animal origin. Candice claims that within only six months, although in the fourth stage, the cancer was almost completely gone. The doctors were baffled when they discovered that she is completely cancer free.

“I freed myself of cancer by starving it. I learned that bromelain from pineapple, kiwi and papaya destroys the protein layer of the carcinoma. Proteins from animal food feed the cancer, and when eating large meals my energy is focused on digesting food, and the body cannot be treated.

I ate little fruit, which was destroying the cancer, so I beat it within six months. I no longer have cancer, and I’m very grateful for that, “ revealed Candice.

In 2011, Candice discovered a lump above her left collarbone. Test result showed it was thyroid cancer. Despite therapy, the cancer has spread to the liver and neck, and pre-cancerous cells were found in the lungs. Her doctors gave her only 5 years of life.

“I had five or six months to get rid of this disease. I decided to show everyone that I can do it alone. I started to eat a lot of fruit, sometimes I was eating fruit only for seven days “ Candice remembers.

She decided to implement pineapple for the bromelain it contains, which is said to “destroy” cancer. She stopped to use chemical cosmetics and cleaning agents, stopped smoking, or has taken steps to reduce stress in her life.

“Stress, chemicals and animal products feed cancer, so I got rid of them,” says Candice.

After 6 months, results showed that the cancer was almost gone.

“Nutrition plays an important role, along with regular exercise, a positive attitude, and even spirituality. Fruits like pineapple contains bromelain which is known to have a good effect against cancer, “ says oncologist Mark Simon, director of the Research Institute of nutritional oncology.


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