She Was Chewing Gum For 7 Hours A Day And Now She Is Experiencing Horror

British women Claire Embleton thought that chewing gum daily is a healthy habit and contributes to oral hygiene and teeth, but she faced with serious health problems because of chewing gum.

The woman is the mother of 4 children and she practiced for 7 hours a day to chew gum. This habit she repeated daily 5 years, until not appeared serious problem in the joints of the mouth.

Because chewing Claire suffered major problem, jaw joints were damaged to the point that she could not open her mouth more than 1 cm. She could not eat, laugh, nor to speak. When she went to the doctor, there was concluded serious disorder of the joints of the mouth.

This serious problem woman healed by surgery, which will be cut from both sides of the face to inserted metal joints and scars can remain for a lifetime. The recovery will be long and difficult, but there is no choice.

Because of this, Claire decided to share her unfortunate story with whole world and warning people to be careful and not to exaggerate their chewing gum to avoid such health problems.

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