She Surprised Even The Doctors: This Woman Won The Fight Against Colorectal Cancer With This Plant

There are many factors that play an important role in contributing to cancer development. One of them is genetic predisposition, which is the case with Ivelisse Page who has a family history of colon cancer. After she lost her father to this illness when he was only in his thirties, she decided to eat only organic foods and practice regular exercise in order to prevent the disease of affecting her.

Unfortunately, all those efforts trying to keep herself safe were in vain when Ivelisse was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 37.

She did some researches concerning her condition and firmly decided that she doesn’t want to undergo chemotherapy. Instead, she decided to go with homeopathic remedies and supplements as well as injections of, believe it or not, mistletoe. After seven years of fighting she won the battle against the stage IV of colon cancer which, statistically only 11% of patients can survive.

The unusual mistletoe treatment was prescribed y Dr. Peter Hinderberger who has work experience in a Swiss clinic specialized for using this treatment.

The reason why mistletoe is recommended as a treatment is because of its substance called viscotoxin. Even though considered poisonous, it targets and kills the cancer cells and enhances the immune system of the patient at the same time.

Moreover, according to a 2001 European study that analyzed data materials collected for 27 years, this treatment extended the survival rate of about 40% of 1,668 patients who suffered from various types of cancer.


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