She Quit Big Pharma To Help Cancer Patients Heal Naturally

Tara Mann is a woman who took a very brave step. After discovering that cancer can be healed with nutrition and natural therapies, she left her six-figure income as a pharmaceutical rep. And that wasn’t the only change in her life. She also turned to a plant-based (vegan) diet.

Tara also started running a non-profit organization called Cancer Crackdown that helps cancer patients find natural and alternative therapies that are right for them.

In the video below, Tara explains everything you need to know about what pharmaceutical reps do, how they make money, how they influence doctors, the reasons she had to quit, and how she helps cancer patients navigate the world of alternative therapies.


[1:30] what pharmaceutical reps do

[3:31] the surprising way they get access to, win favor with, and influence doctors

[5:08] how pharmaceutical reps get paid

[5:58] how much pharmaceutical reps influence doctors

[6:58] the documentary film that opened her eyes and changed her life

[8:00] “More people make a living off cancer each year, than die of cancer”

[8:45] Tara begins to research the cancer industry and the pharmaceutical industry

[9:46] Tara starts the Cancer Crackdown support group

[13:31] Tara makes the decision to leave her career and a six-figure income to help cancer patients heal with nutrition and natural non-toxic therapies.


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