She Lost 89 Kilograms in 18 Months and Changed Only One Thing in Her Diet

The amazing story of weight-loss follows the life of a young obese woman who had weighed more than 150 kg, and even gained more while pregnant as a result of uncontrollable eating. When thirty doctors warned her to stop eating that much or she will be left with only one year to live, she decided to take a step and changed only one thing in her diet which has resulted in her losing up to 89 kilograms.

That key moment and the will to live made her to do some lifestyle changes. She had eliminated all the junk food and started eating healthy food. By eliminating food high in sugar and carbohydrates, she had lost 89 kg in only 18 months.

For breakfast she would have little bacon with peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and two eggs.
Her lunch consisted of baked or boiled potatoes with chili, some snack and fruit or yogurt, while her dinner was spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese.

Other problems had occurred due to her obesity, such as back pain and difficulties in walking. Today, she’s given the title “Woman of the Year” by the Obesity center. Her health problems have disappeared thanks to improving her dietary habits.


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