She Drank Water And Lemon Every Morning. The Results Are Amazing!

The history of this incredible transformation is told by Crystal Davis. Her story reveals hoe the unusual methods can give you wonderful results. A year ago I was very sick of flu. The medicine from the pharmacy weren’t so effective. A woman recommended me to drink warm water with honey and lemon every morning. At first, I reacted skeptically, but I took her advice. The flu was gone, but I really liked this drink so I started using it every day, for almost a year. Here’s what changed to me:

1. I didn’t get cold for a year. I no longer have pain in the stomach!

I was getting sick all my life and not any virus passed by me. The truth is, I never believed in traditional medicine. I was a slave to the pharmacy. Since I have been drinking this tea, I haven’t sneezed for a year. My headaches are past. Now I have my lemon and honey wherever I go. I drink it even in the hotels.

2. I don’t drink morning coffee anymore, but I get up very easily!

My lemon and honey cocktail took me off the coffee addiction. Before that, to wake up I needed almost an hour. Now I have much more energy during the day. I have a great sleep and a smile in the morning. I’m not nervous anymore and I forgot when was the last time I felt anxious in the first half of the day.

3.People around me have become healthier!

I convinced my whole family to follow my example. So, in the past year, I, nor anyone from my family got flu or cold. I don’t know how this drink really works, but it works! I am really grateful to that woman for the advice.

My recipe:

For one cup of the drink I take half of lemon juice and add a teaspoon of honey. I pour hot water (boiled) over it. I drink it every morning after waking up. I should say, the taste of this drink changes: depending on the lemon and the honey, it can sometimes be too sour or too sweet.

How this drink works?

  • Protects from infections of the urinary tract

The lemon and the honey stimulate the work of the digestive tract and also hydrate the large intestine. The drink is diuretic and the result is a great cure for constipation and cystitis.

  • Improves the digestion

Every ingredient of this drink helps the digestive system. The lemon helps the stomach to produce more acid. That way the food I digested better and you get more nutritive substances. The honey has powerful antibacterial effect, in which way it protects from any kind of infections. Also, it makes the stomach to produce more juices that make the organism eliminate the toxins easier. For that reason you will easily control your body weight.

  • Cleans the blood and keeps the skin healthy

The lemon has many advantages for the skin and helps to purify the blood. If you feed the organism with lemon, it produces blood cells faster. The water stimulates the production of collagen, which is very useful for your skin.


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