She Cured 20.000 People From Cancer: Her Best Kept Secret Is Now Revealed! (VIDEO)

Being the deadliest disease and still not having a powerful treatment to cure it, cancer is the most feared disease nowadays.

In 1988, Hulda Clark made a discovery that changed the direction for progress in medical field. So far, she has cured over 20.000 people from cancer and other life threatening diseases. She says that when curing a disease, one should focus on eliminating the parasite.

Dr. Hulda Clark graduated at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada where she majored medicine and later obtained her Master of Arts Biology. Later she got her doctorate in the field of physiology in 1958 from the University of Minnesota and since then she’s authored many books. Hulda is also a famous philosopher and biophysicist. Back in 1988 she discovered the Syncometer, a device able to detect microorganisms by detecting the resonance since bacteria, viruses and parasites are detected by using frequency. Thanks to this discovery it’s became clear that the root cause of many incurable diseases is parasites.

In 1992, Hulda Clark has published the book “The Cure for All Cancers” where she explains the role of the Fasciolopsis buski, a parasite that has been detected in every cancer patient. Once this parasite iseliminated, the cancer retrieves. Given this, Hulda created a recipe from wormwood, cloves and black walnut that fought this parasite. This mixture can kill grown parasites, their eggs and larva.

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