See How This Woman Heals Her STAGE 4 Terminal Cancer with Dieting

Cancer is a serious disease that affects millions each year. Sadly, there still no cure for it, but there are specific cases where nutritional and alternative approaches have yielded life-saving results.

When Janet Vitt, a traditionally educated RN, was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, she was given no hope to survive the disease. But, despite the grim prognosis, with the help of friends, family, faith and a new diet regimen, she successfully decimated all of her tumors 10 months into her cancer journey.

Her physician says that it is due to her immune system healing inside out. How?

Well, according to Janet, it’s all thanks to macrobiotic diet. This diet is mainly vegetarian, and the stricter it is, the better results it gives. In the strictest form it excludes dairy and meat products and focuses on eating organic vegetables and whole grains. Also, caffeine and other chemical agents are prohibited and replaced with healing teas and many seaweed products.

There are practitioners who can teach you more about the diet. The groceries you need for this diet may be a bit more expensive than those from your every day diet, but when it comes to your health, it is worth spending a little extra. In addition, other supplements and minerals may need to be added when adopting this diet since whole food groups are excluded.

According to some researches, vegetarian diet has anti-cancer properties. Many parts in China, manly the rural ones, where the population thrives from rice and vegetables, have the lowest cancer rates. Vegetables, fruit, and whole grain products are impactful components of the vegetarian diet. Regular exercise and a healthy body weight are also recommended along with the diet.

For the importance of macrobiotic diet and its benefits, watch the videos below:

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