Scientist Reveal That Broccoli Reverses Diabetes Damage!

Diabetes is a serious disease that attacks the blood vessels that lead to the heart and brain. There are two types: Type 1 (it is necessary to take insulin) and Type 2 (not taken insulin, but is conducted diet). But, did you know that broccoli can save your heart blood vessels that have been affected by diabetes?

This is all thanks to the compound called sulforaphane. Nearly 5% of the European people suffer from diabetes.

If you suffer from diabetes and decide to try and treat your condition with this vegetable, then you must do a 7 days liver cleanse method developed by Dr. Anderson.

Once you finish the cleansing, the broccoli treatment will last 21 days. You should add 300-500 grams of broccoli into one liter of boiling water. Drink half of the broccoli water in the morning on an empty stomach and the other half in the evening. For lunch you can have broccoli, and strewn teaspoon of cinnamon.

Other foods that can aid your condition are dubcac (lat. Teucrium chaemedrys), “hair” maize (lat. Zea mays) and dried pods of beans, among 53 others.


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