Say Goodbye To Belly Fat

This is a simple routine of three exercises to burn fat from the stomach quickly and efficiently.

Here’s what to do: Do these exercises three days a week, one day rest between each session. Do the exercises as alternate circuit, practicing one set of each exercise in row, and rest 30 seconds between each exercise.

So, you make exercise 1 once, you relax for 30 seconds and will continue to do exercise 2 once, then you will rest 30 seconds and you do exercise 3. After you make all routine then rest 30 seconds and start over again. The whole routine you do it 2-3 times.

Exercise No 1

From 6-8 reps

Take a pair weights that will not be too heavy, stand with feet shoulder – width apart knees that need to be slightly bent. Bend hips and thereby keep the lower back naturally arched, and lower your body until it is almost parallel to the floor. Leave the weights to hang in the arm length from your shoulders.

Now pull the weight in your right hand side of your body by raising the upper arm, bend your elbow and tighten your shoulder toward your spine.

As weight lowering it at the same time begin to bend left hand. That’s one repetition.

Exercise No 2

From 10-12 reps

Take a heavier weight and hold the ends at arm’s length in front of your lower back. Spread your legs almost twice the width of the shoulders. Lower your body as far as you bottom and hips pushed them back by bending the knees.

Pause, then slowly come back to starting position.

Keep your body as much as possible horizontal during the exercise, and lower back to be naturally arched.

Exercise No 3

Up to 10 repetitions

Take a position for making push-ups with arms straight and your body in a straight line from your head to your ankles. Without changing the posture of the lower back (to be blunt), lift your right knee toward your chest.

Pause, go back to the starting position and repeat the same with left leg. That’s one repetition.

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