Root Canals And Breast Cancer: The Hidden Link No One Told You About

Being afraid of going to the dentist is a known worldwide fear. Even adults avoid doing regular visits. Not many people know that sometimes, avoiding those visits can bring something good.

Researchers have found that root canal can lead to bacterial overgrowth and may put you at bigger risk of developing breast cancer.

In the U.S. only, 25 million root canals are performed yearly. The process involves highly invasive tooth drilling into a decaying tooth, in order to remove the infected pulp, and after that, it is used a file of sorts to reach into the root canal, in order to be removed remaining pulp.

The materials that are used to fill the tooth are plastic and can cause serious problems. Some studies have found that in many cases, plastic is not placed well in the canals, and it causes leakage of the highly toxic anaerobic bacteria, which can lead t developing breast cancer.

According to one dentist, almost every root canal which he practiced has some rests inside, and the canals are not cleaned enough. And, in almost all cases, he found some infections.

Dr. Robert Jones conducted a five-year study, specifically observing the links between root canals and breast cancer. He discovered that shocking 93% of breast cancer patients also had root canals, and the other 7% had other oral diseases or issues. Moreover, almost all of the cancerous tumors were found on the exact same side of the body as the original root canal.

In 1998, The American Academy of Periodontology published another important study where it was revealed that the root canal procedure itself may be the cause of infection.

Out of 26 subjects that were examined, 12 of them had their canaled teeth and blood samples contaminated with anaerobic bacteria.

Namely, having a root canal done could lead to an endless river of bacteria flowing into your bloodstream.

The teeth play a crucial role in our overall health, but this fact is often neglected. Many researchers claim that the teeth are connected to every part of our body and are part of the ‘acupuncture meridian system’—an ‘energy highway’ that runs through your entire body.

Every tooth has tubules (holes filled with fluid) that are more than 3 miles long. That’s why many dentists believe that in some time, the tooth will became a receptacle for deadly bacteria, like E. Faecalis, which is the main reason for abscesses that ultimately spread to the rest of your body.

People with already compromised immune system can experience serious complication if the harmful bacteria enter their body, including sepsis and death in severe cases.

The Chinese Medicine suggests that every organ is connected with meridians (energy highways). That’s why an infected tooth can affect the organs connected to it through the associated meridians.

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, specialist for breast cancer, states that the 4th, and 5th tooth, both left and right, are connected to the breast meridian. If these teeth are infected, or their root canals are infected, they can cause complications, imbalances, and blockages in energy flow in the breast meridian.

Furthermore, according to the Swiss doctor, Dr. Thomas Rau, of the last 150 breast cancer patients treated in his clinic, “147 (98%) had one or more root canal teeth on the same meridian as the original breast cancer tumor.” Because of this, Dr. Rau recommends his patients to first see a biological dentist to examine their teeth and even remove all root canal teeth.

Many researches and discoveries confirm the claims above. Root canals really do have some deadly connection with breast cancer, and they are one of the reasons for the appearance of this type of cancer.

You can prevent any complications by removing and cleaning the tooth infected with bacteria, and its tissue.

That’s why dentists alarm about the importance of checking the teeth on time and why we have to take our teeth health very seriously.


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