Recipe For Juice From The Famous Austrian Which Destroys Cancer In 42 days

An incredible juice has cured over 45.000 people who suffered from cancer and other serious diseases. It’s been developed by the Austrian, Rudolph Breuss, who dedicated his life on finding a natural cure for cancer.

The treatment with this juice lasts for 42 days. During this period the cancer cells die out from starvation while the general health is being improved.

Rudolph’s juice is made from organically and ecologically grown vegetables. The main ingredient is beet that is known to successfully treat leukemia. It contains the amino acid betaine which contains anti-cancer properties. The juice should be consisted of beet 55%, carrots 20%, celery root 20%, potatoes 3%, and radish 2%. You must be aware that you shouldn’t consume it more than you need to.

Regular consumption of beet helps in fighting many diseases caused by oxidative stress, while the fibers contained in the beet reduce cholesterol levels by 40%. The beet regulates the blood pressure as well and maintains the elasticity of the blood vessels. It also prevents from varicose veins.

Beet is very useful to pregnant women because it is rich in folic acid which protects the newborn from many diseases. Beet juice stimulates the liver, the bile and prevents constipation. When combined with carrots it becomes excellent remedy for gout, kidney disease and gall. But, that’s not all; it helps with headache, toothache, sore bones, dysentery, skin and menstrual pain.


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