Press Your Forefinger For 60 Seconds: The Whole World Is Amazed By The Effect This Trick Has On The Organs!

Pain killers or doctor’s advice are the first things that come to mind when dealing with pain. But, did you know that you can relieve pain without bothering to take a trip to your doctor or poison yourself with painkillers?

According to reflexology, a physiology recently introduced to the Western world, you can relieve your pain by massaging or pressing certain fingers on your hand depending on what kind of pain you are experiencing.

So, for example if you are dealing with accelerated heart rhythm, rub your thumb and pull. The thumb is connected to the heart and lungs and this will slow down your heart beat.

Constipation and abdominal pain can be solved by pressing your forefinger, rubbing it for 60 sec. and then pull it. This finger is connected to the colon and stomach.

Stretch your middle finger and rub it if you suffer from dizziness or sleeplessness, especially when you’re traveling, because the middle finger it linked to the heart, intestine, blood and respiratory system.

Massaging your ring finger will help you feel better when feeling depressed since this finger is related to your mood.

If you’re experiencing headache or neck pain massage your pinky finger and it will instantly relieve the pain. This finger is linked to the kidneys, but also to the head and neck.

The palms are related to the nervous system, so stimulating blood circulation in the palms can be very beneficial for your psychological health. You can do this by slapping your hands.


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