Prepare Yourself: Garlic Oil And Get Incredible Cure

Garlic is known for its med properties and is most frequently used ingredient in meds of folk medicine. We present how to make garlic oil and what are its benefits.

Clean one garlic with medium size and put cleaned pieces in a glass jar and pour with unrefined sunflower oil, then put the dish in the refrigerator. The next day, drain a teaspoon lemon juice and add to the mixture, then mix well. Drink this drink three times a day one hour before meals. The med can drink for 3 months and then need to pause.

This medication improves the elasticity of blood vessels and cleans and prevents heart attack and brain attack. It prevents cancer, strengthens the immune system, cleans the lungs, affect antibacterial, prevents fungal infections and improves digestion.

Many people heal problems with this folk remedy, try you too!

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