PHARMACISTS Unsuccessfully Trying to Conceal: Man Cured LUNG CANCER Using THIS!

A man who was diagnosed with an ‘incurable’ lung cancer managed to beat the disease by combining chemotherapy and cannabis oil.

The 50 years old man form Illinois was diagnosed with lung cancer not so long ago and was told that he has only about a year to live, but could prologue his life if he decides to undergo chemotherapy.

Lung cancer is a type of disease that has a very small survival rate. Patients who are diagnosed with stage four have 1% chance of recovery.

Being ware of his condition, Darren Miller decided to supplement his treatment with chemotherapy with Cannabis oil. He didn’t want to just prologue his life, he wanted to save his life.

After he did some researching about the benefits of cannabis oil and read hundreds of stories about other people’s healing, Miller was convinced that treatment is right for him.

His wife even quit her job in order to qualify for medical assistance, and they moved to California, where he could turn the controversial treatment legally.

After seven months, Darren was cancer free and has the hospital documents to prove it.

After beating the disease, Darren and his wife returned back to Illinois where he now runs a program with cannabis in order to help others who are struggling as he was.


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