Pharmaceutical Mafia: Why Are They Hiding That This Remedy Can Cure Cancer?


“Cancer can be treated like any other kind of fungus – with the help of baking soda.”, is the statement that got Dr. Tullio Simoncini into jail. He is an Italian expert in the field of oncology, diabetes and metabolic disorders who treated his patients by using this natural method.

“Candida albicans is a fungus that is present in certain quantities in each of us. Candida grows in the intestinal flora of humans. This fungus also lives in the mouth, throat and genitals of most people. A healthy body keeps the candida under control, but if the immune system, for some reason or other declines and fungus proliferates, it can cause serious health problems.”, says the colleague of Dr. Simoncini, Dr. Marko Jovashevikj, who shared his colleague’s experience on his blog.

Today it is really easy to trigger Candida thanks to the unhealthy food we eat, the antibiotics and the everyday stress, and baking soda is the most simple and safe way to treat this fungal infection.

Even the ancient Egyptians were aware of the effects of the natural anti-fungal remedies, while the Indian literature offers the remedies with strong basic properties like baking soda for cancer treatment.


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