Perfect Combination For Perfect Body After Birth

Women who have just child born, they are faced with visible body changes and have difficulties to regain the original shape. It is almost impossible, mostly because stretch marks that appear from the stretching of the skin, and dark line which is appear under the belly. But what most bothers to women’s is fat on stomach that remains after the baby is born.

You should keep in mind that after born tummy is impossible to instantly disappear after child born, but it takes some time. Therefore, you need to have patience while to see the first results.

Here are some advice to quickly get rid of excess fat:

All mothers who had such experience will tell you that breastfeeding helps to push down the weight you have increase during pregnancy. It is scientifically proven, and due to the fact that in order to produce milk should burn many calories. This means that mothers who breastfeed their babies weakening faster than others.


This is an advise that will help you. Exercise will help to restore the original shape of the body. But before you start make sure your body is ready and strong enough to handle the stress and physical effort that will apply to the activity. That means you need to be spent at least a few months of birth.

To be put on the regime diet with low in calories, wait to spend two or three months, especially if you are breastfeeding. To loss half a kilo a week, you should reduce the minimum 500 calories and that you can achieve with increased physical activity or diet. The weakening of the more than half a pound a week is not good because it will make you feel tired and moody. Certainly avoid strict diets because you destitute body of the nutrients that are necessary for your baby and what he need to get through the milk.

The combination of these three factors will most effectively get rid of the belly fat after born. Appropriate diet and continuation of breastfeeding will help you achieve more slender line of the body for a few months. Keep in mind that for the results will be necessary to take some time, given all the changes that happened to the body during pregnancy.

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