Here Is How an Ordinary Spoon Can Tell You What’s Wrong With Your Kidneys, Lungs, and Other Organs

The simplest way to see if you are healthy is to take a spoon and place it on your tongue.

 Hold it on for a minute.

After you remove it, if your spoon is clean and without unpleasant smells, it means that you don’t have any healthy issues with your organs.

If, however, there are smells, here’s what they mean: 

  • Rotten smell – lung issues 
  • Sweet smell – diabetes
  • Ammonia like smell – kidney issues

 If you notice spots, here’s what they mean:

  • White or yellow in a thick layer – thyroid gland dysfunction
  • Purplish – bronchitis, weak blood circulation, high cholesterol levels
  •  White – respiratory infection
  • Orange – kidney disease

This method is purely informative and mustn’t be regarded as a replacement for a consultation with a doctor.

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