Oncology Nurse Quit Her Job To Spread The Truth About Cancer

After 17 years of working as a nurse, Valerie Warwick quit her job and the reason lies in her willingness to research and to better understand the role of nutrition in curing cancer and raising people’s awareness about the importance of proper nutrition in preventing and fighting cancer.

While being only 20 years old, Valerie had to take care of her sick parents. Her mother was suffering from multiple sclerosis, while her father was a throat cancer victim. The experience with her father’s cancer was terrible as it can be. He underwent surgery where half of his throat was removed, but nonetheless died eventually.

It was a crucial point of her to decide to become an oncology nurse and try to understand the principle of cancer treatment. Back in 2008 a very dear friend of hers was diagnosed with cancer, and that’s when she decided to do a more thorough research on the effects of alternative therapies, nutrition, and other natural treatments for cancer.

What she found out is that many of the cancer patients didn’t take proper nutrition – they were starving to death. Starving additionally weakens the immune system making it unable to fight the disease. She eventually found out that there are natural treatments that can be very effective in treating cancer when applied in proper time.

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