Newborn Baby Greets Dad With A Beaming Smile The Instant She Recognizes His Voice

Fathers and daughters seem to have some special bond, and the story of Flávio Dantas, of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is another confirmation of it. This father was so energized to meet his girl, that he talked to her all the time, indeed when she was still in her mother’s belly.

Every morning before Tarsila Batista wnt to work, her husband would greet the baby and would say: “I’ll always be there”. Whenever he did this, the baby would start to kick and move.

Baby Antonella was born at Marcílio Dias Naval Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, on August 11th, 2019: Father’s Day in Brazil, and she will definitely be a daddy’s girl!

When the restorative group given child Antonella to her parent to met her, she was resting. Tarsila reviewed that they put the child on best of her, sleeping.

The father leaned to say “hello” and to repeat the same words. This time Antonella opened the eyes and give him the biggest smile.

People from all over the world share the joy and happiness that can be seen on the faces of the parents as this baby smiles. The special minute was caught on camera and the picture has gone viral ever since.

On the day small Antonella came into our world, she’d as of now went through numerous weeks and months hearing her daddy conversation to her.

Babies can handle sounds beginning as before long as 16 weeks after conception, so by 26 weeks of age, they as of now respond to clamors from the exterior world and can be indeed alleviated by their parent’s voices.

Antonella’s mommy portrayed her as “a blessing sent by my Lord,” whereas Flávio was basically overpowered by this life involvement. He said that his adore for his little girl is “too enormous to fit interior his chest.” He included that at that point, he was beyond any doubt what cherish is.

We hope he will never forget this awesome day!

Tarsila has been bitten by the love bug just as intensely as the father, and when they got home, she posted a picture of herself with her baby girl, and shared her love with the world. She wrote:

“If wealth were measured in words I would sum it up in one: you. My rare jewel cut by the hands of God.”

And we can clearly state that Antonella is a lucky girl as well, as she has such kind-hearted parents!


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