New Fashion Trend: Would You Come Out From Home With This Outfit?

For the Hollywood stars, almost everything is allowed. Any combination, they can wear, but could you?

The latest trend that came from Hollywood is something that many women would not be condemned. But the famous singers which in all of own performance provoking the audience and the public, with ease decided to deny underwear. Yes, the new trend that arrived in a big way means to leave your bra at home. Do you dare to do it?

Singer Rita Ora clothing black roll of a recent event in London. Is Rita knew that because of flash cameras will show more than planned or just wanted it, we do not know, but her breasts at the same evening were the subject of all media.


And Rihanna “forgot” to put on a bra before leave home. Or maybe not forgotten? Rihanna is known for provocations, not only performances, but also on the red carpet. Surely you remember that Rihanna on the red carpet walking without bra.


The critics about Kim Kardashian said its curves are the only reason about her popularity. And how better to highlight than in T-shirt with a deep neckline, under which there is no bra?


In a similar edition we had the opportunity to see the stars who would not expect to do that, such as Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman. See more other stars have decided to “rest” of the bra.





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