This Is Why You Should Never Put Tilapia In Your Mouth Again (From Cancer To Inflammation)

Tilapia is the most commonly consumed fish in the US. But, many studies have shown this fish is not good for your health since the tilapia farming in China affects both environment and public health.

Tilapia is very cheap and available, and is quite tasty because it doesn’t have that specific fishy taste. Unfortunately, its origins and its cultivation have raised many problems. Unlike the wild tilapia that feeds from the lake plants and algae, the farm-raised one gets none of these natural nutrients, which means it doesn’t contain healthy fish oils and there is not one heath benefit from the farmed tilapia.

According to latest studies, farm-raised tilapia can be a reason for severe inflammation. If you already suffer from any kind of inflammation caused by asthma, heart disease or arthritis, this fish will only worsen your state. While many people believe that tilapia is a great source of omega3 fats and great for their heart it is quite the opposite. In fact, it is worse than smoked beef or hamburgers.

There is a big difference between the wild tilapia and the farm-raised tilapia. Traces of nitrofuran and malachite green, a dye, have been found in the farm raised tilapia. These ingredients are cancer-causing. Also, farm-raised fish are bred in tightly packed ponds which mean all sorts of diseases are common among the fish. They are also given antibiotics to resist diseases and inflammation, and they are fed with pesticides that are used to kill sea lice.

Farm-raised tilapia is richer in omega-6 fats than in omega-3, and omega -6 fats make the body prone to inflammations.

And last but not least, farm raised tilapia is high in dioxin. For those who are not familiar, even the slightest exposure to dioxin can cause skin lesions and liver malfunction, while long-term exposure can lead to poor immunity, problems with both nervous and endocrine system, and improper reproductive function. Chronic exposure triggers the development of cancer cells.

So, the next time you decide to have tilapia for lunch, maybe you should reconsider your choice and go for something raised by Mother Nature.

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