Narcissists Can Suck Your Energy and Happiness, They’re Toxic and Should Be Avoided at all Costs

As we go through life we meet different types of people. Some are good and have a positive influence on you, while others can have the complete opposite effect. As a matter of fact, there are some people that can actually such your energy and happiness away and these people should be avoided at all costs. And narcissists happen to fit right into this category of people. They’re toxic to your mind, soul and body and if you have a narcissist in your life, you need to cut all ties with him.

Narcissist care about no one else but themselves. They’re egoistic and self-centered and their sole purpose in life is to take advantage of others to their benefit. The way a narcissist treats other people can very well be considered emotional and mental abuse. They can undermine a person and make them feel so vulnerable that at the end of the road they will need to professional help to deal with the mess a narcissist leaves behind.

In the narcissist’s world they’re the smarter, the better and the most important person. In this world there’s nothing more important than themselves. They need to be in the center of attention at all times and everyone around them needs to praise them for all their good qualities and achievements in life.

A narcissist doesn’t need to have a deep, meaningful connection with others because they’re happy with just being themselves. The only reason they communicate and connect with others is because they need someone to praise them and boost their ego. Without other people putting them in the center of attention, a narcissist will wither and die.

If someone falls victim to a narcissistic abuse they will have a hard time distancing themselves from that vicious circle of manipulation. Narcissists are toxic and manipulative and they know exactly how to lure their victims in. Once they assume complete control, they will make their victim feel completely worthless and helpless, as if they could not survive on their own. Their victims often become unable to make the simplest decisions and need the approval of their narcissist for the simplest things. The mental and emotional abuse they’ve suffered damages their own sanity and makes them second guess and question everything they do. It doesn’t matter if the narcissist is a friend, a partner or a family member, the abuse is always the same and the results are the same.

The kind of power that a narcissist feels from having complete control over someone’s life makes him feel invincible. They grow and grow more powerful, they act more ruthless and the victim suffers beyond repair. They manage to take a confident, stable, normal person and turn them into an insecure individual who simply feels worthless. A narcissist will ruin everything in your life that gives it meaning. He will make you believe that nothing you do is ever good enough and everything you say is wrong.

But there’s a way to escape this madness and finally put a stop to the abuse. You can purge yourself from the negative thoughts and influences from the narcissist by simply telling him NO. You need to find the strength to resist that little voice in your head that tells you you’re not worthy. You need to get back in touch with reality and regain control over your life. Distance yourself from his grips and restore the person you once were. Remind yourself how much you’re worth, how much you’ve achieved and how much you’re loved and respected. And once you manage to liberate yourself, you will never again put your trust into the narcissist’s hands.

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