My Secret Ingredient to a Happy Life is This – Stay Away from Idiots

The world is full of a**holes and idiots. They’re everywhere around us. You have friends that act like jerks, maybe even family members. A**holes are in our workspaces, in our schools, and stores as well. These people have the ‘power’ to ruin your day like no one else. Even a single muttered word is sometimes more than enough to make you feel like s*it. You don’t deserve that – you deserve happiness. If you want to be happy, let me tell you my secret ingredient – stay away from a**holes!

That’s right – the key to happiness is very simple. All you need to do is avoid the idiots who want nothing more than to see you unhappy. Why give them the pleasure? Stay away from them and I promise you’ll be a much happier person. It’s like eliminating toxic people from your life. The moment they’re gone is the moment you can breathe with your lungs full.

But, how can one avoid a**holes when they’re everywhere around us? Well, it’ll take a bit of effort and you should follow the tips we have for you below. They will help you avoid these people and achieve instant bliss without them in your life.

Say the Right Things

You can’t always ignore a**holes so you’ll need to learn to say the right things that should put them in their place. They’re sometimes to close to us so avoiding them is impossible. On the other hand, practicing what you need to say in every situation will allow you to blow them off politely.

These people are always putting on a show and think they’re better than the rest of us. Well, if you know how to talk them down, they wouldn’t try such s*it anymore. Put them in their place with words and you won’t have to worry about them anytime soon.

Blow Them Off If You Can’t Talk Them Down

Since words don’t work sometimes, you may need to blow a**holes off in order to get rid of them. You don’t need to be rude. Simply start ignoring them and don’t care about what they’re saying. They will lose interest in a while and you’ll finally be free from their grasp.

Don’t Give Them Attention

In most cases, a**holes are just craving attention. Don’t give them that pleasure and they should stay away from you. Whenever they’re ready to change their attitude, you can give them the attention they deserve. Everyone can change including a**holes and in this case, you need to be cool and give them some well-deserved attention.

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