Mother Beats Cancer With JUICING After Told She Only Had Two Weeks To Live

Everyone knows that once you have kids, life just won’t be the same anymore. You will have to take care of them, always be there for them, guide and protect them. The very role as a parent is hard enough, but imagine how harder it can get if you are diagnosed with a life threatening disease. Imagine being a mother of two, a 5 year old boy and a 6 year old daughter, and one day you get the news that you suffer from terminal stomach cancer that has already spread to your neck, your lymph nodes and almost all your abdomen.

This is what happened to Natasha Grindley, a 37 year old mother from Liverpool. She was also given the news that she only has less than a month to live. Deciding to stay strong for her family and fight the disease, Natasha and her husband started researching for an alternative solution since they knew the harsh side-effects of chemo. That’s when she came across the author of Deliciously Ella.

Natasha completely changed her dietary habits which resulted in her being and looking physically better in short time. The healthy food she started consuming helped her bare with the chemo better. She reduced the intake of artificial sugars, potentially harmful meats, and increased the ingestion of carrots and other vegetable products. Now, this isn’t such a big secret since many patients before her successfully continued the fight with cancer by adjusting their diets.

It’s been 2 years since she heard the dreadful news, but Natasha is all well and alive and wants to help everyone in need. She told her story on her Facebook page, and with the experience and knowledge she has now, she is ready to help other people by telling them the beneficial powers of dietary changes. She still warns that cancer cannot be defeated solely with diets, but they sure are a great help and that’s why everyone should consume foods that will boost their immune system such as fresh organic products.


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