Most Effective Way of Reducing High Blood Pressure in 5 Minutes Without Medication

One of the most common health problem that people are facing is high blood pressure.

This condition is often caused by stress, obesity, lack of sleep, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and too much salt.

First step toward taking care of this problem is changing your lifestyle. One of the main risk factors that lead to high blood pressure are sleep deprivation, stress, fatty or acidic food, smoking, obesity and excessive alcohol consumption.

Another big risk factor is if high blood pressure runs in the family, so you’ll have to lead a healthy life in order to avoid it. Lu Hun Sen, the doctor at the Russian soccer club Spartak, offers an ancient Chinese method for instantly lowering high blood pressure.

First, you’ll start to gently massage the line that connects the ear cartilage and the center of the collar bone. Repeat ten times on one side and ten on the other, but make sure not to apply to much pressure.

The second massage starts half an inch from your ear at the height of your earlobe and finishes near your nose. Massage both sides simultaneously for 60 seconds, and again you shouldn’t press too hard. If you start feeling pain, loosen the pressure.

The Chinese medicine advises that massaging these points on your body will keep your blood pressure normal.

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